The Ridenour Brothers are no strangers to the stage. Keith and Randy grew up in South Florida and their dad managed a band that rehearsed at their house two nights per week. When Randy was 7 and Keith was 10, Keith picked up the guitar and Randy started hitting the drums. By the time Randy was 10 and Keith was 13, they got paid to play their first gig in a band called Black Watch. They made $60 to split 4 ways and that’s how it all started.  Over the next five years, they played all over South Florida becoming one of the most popular bands on the scene. They played teen dances, Homecomings, proms and eventually all the local night clubs for weeks at a time. Through the years they have toured extensively together and apart.


In 1993 they built Ridenour Recording and Rehearsal in Ft. Lauderdale FL, which became the place to rehearse and record.  Ricky Martin, Steve Winwood, Foreigner, Peter Frampton, and hundreds of local bands rehearsed at Ridenour Recording and Rehearsal. In 2003, Keith and Randy sold the business and Keith and his family moved to Nashville where he became a professional songwriter. In 2010, when CD sales started to decline, Keith decided to build another rehearsal facility back in South Florida - Markee Music was born. Keith and Randy along with new partner Derek Assaf have had continued success at Markee and have met and worked with thousands of local musicians over the years.


From 2017-2018 they built Ridenour Rehearsal Studios in Murfreesboro, TN, right outside of Nashville, and now in 2019, they opened Ridenour Backline in South Florida and in Murfreesboro, TN. Keith recalls the first big show they backlined telling Randy, "You know if you think about it, we’ve been doing this in some form or fashion our entire lives, the difference now is that we’re unpacking it and setting it up for someone else with the subtlety being, we still set it up for everyone as if we were performing ourselves."


Ridenour Backline offers affordable musical equipment and instrument rentals along with technical support and cartage all over South Florida. Run by musicians for musicians, artists and entertainers of all levels in the music business!


We look forward to seeing you on stage very soon!